The winery Fratelli Ponte is an exclusive family business, which since generations dedicated itself to the growth if its vineyards and to he production of wines with passion. Culture, passion and the art of making Wine has been passed down from father to son. This passion was born after Second World War with a small cellar and a small vineyard of Barbera cultivated by Carlo “the grandfather” , this cellar was placed in Bricco Ronchesio of San Damiano d’ Asti. The path taken by our grandfather has been followed by Giuseppe our father who in the year 1968 established Fratelli Ponte vini and built the new cellar placed in Frazione Gorzano . Giuseppe with hard work and even more sacrifices managed to enlarge the vineyards and the production of the wines till reaching the third generation composed by the brothers Massimo, Ivan and Renato. All the work in the vineyards, the pruning , the grapes selection and all the production into the winery starting from the fermentation to the bottling are scrupulously followed by the brothers Massimo, Ivan and Renato to grant the best quality and respect of the final product.