Grape variety: Glera (Prosecco).

Origin: Grown in and around Treviso.

Winemaking: The juice is refrigerated immediately after pressing to retain the fresh fruit notes of the Glera grape. It then ferments in special, pressurized tanks where it remains for about 2 months. It is then chilled to a very low temperature to clarify and cold-stabilize the wine before filtering and bottling.

Appearance & color: Fine perlage of bubbles to this medium straw-colored bubbly.

Nose: Notes of acacia blossoms, honey, fruit and flowers.

Flavor: Crisp on the palate with a palate-tickling level of carbon dioxide. Mildly fruity. It’s in the middle of the Extra Dry range.

Alcohol: 11%

Food pairings: Perfect to start a meal with simple starters, especially crudités (Pinzimonio, for example), mild seafood dishes and other light fare. It’s wonderful with Sunday brunch or open a bottle in the afternoon with good friends.

Serving temperature:: 6-8° C (42-46 F).