Grape Variety: Bonarda.

Origin: Sam Damiano d’Asti.

Soil: Calcareous, chalky.

Harvest: Hand-picked grapes, typically in early October.

Winemaking: Stainless Steel Tank at 26-28° C (72-78 F).

Appearance & color: Clear and Intense ruby red.

Nose: Blackberry, plum and dark cherry fruit.

Flavor: Dry, medium-bodied with dark berry fruit notes and no oak. Very lightly tannic when young and it may have a touch of spritz in its youth. Best consumed as a young wine.

Alcohol: Typically 12.5% to 13.5%

Food Pairings: Salumi, fine Prosciutto and other antipasti…mild pastas, white meats such as roasted chicken, turkey or sausages, pizza, etc.

Serving temperature: 10-15° C (50-60 F).