Grape variety: Special blend of red & white grapes.

Winemaking: Particular care is taken to obtain just the right shade of pink in the base wine. Then the secondary fermentation takes place in special pressurized tanks to capture the carbon dioxide so the wine is bubbly.

Appearance & color: Clear and bright pink.

Nose: Reminiscent of strawberries.

Flavor: The strawberry-like fruit comes through on the palate with just a touch of residual sugar. It would be close to the high end of the Extra Dry level of sweetness.

Alcohol: 11% vol.

Food pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, but it also pairs beautifully with spicy foods (and tastes drier in that venue). Try this with meat or poultry dishes incorporating fruit (a berry sauce, for example). Soft cheeses…or with fresh red fruits during the summer.

Serving temperature: 6-8° C (42-46 F).